Nice opportunities for trading

This week, in the markets appeared nice opportunities for trading.

XAG – silver

On Tuesday, on the daily chart of silver has created a nice PIN bar, which is in line with short-term uptrend, i was created on the important S/R and the price rebounded from the dynamic resistance (moving averages). The following day, moreover, it was created an INSIDE bar. PIN bar combined with INSIDE bar is a strong pattern that often leads to large market movements.

Today the price came down and offered entrance for better price, allowing us to improve our risk/reward ratio. I had my buy pending order just set to a lower (more favorable) price and today the order was activated.

Silver - Daily chart

Silver – Daily chart


Yesterday, on the AUD/USD daily chart was created a nice signal to sell. Again PIN bar in the direction of the downtrend, which rejected both static and dynamic resistance.

AUD/USD - Daily chart

AUD/USD – Daily chart



I don´t watch and do not trade this pair, but last week it created nice PIN bar on the weekly chart.

PIN bar on the AUD/CAD Weekly chart

PIN bar on the AUD/CAD Weekly chart

Moreover this PIN bar is created in addition to the important S/R that has been tested many times in the past, which is well illustrated in the graph below. It added this PIN bar in importance.

AUD/CAD - Weekly chart

AUD/CAD – Weekly chart

By looking at the daily chart it´s also evident the rejection of higher prices.

AUD/CAD - Daily

AUD/CAD – Daily



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