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Hi, my name´s John. I heard about “FOREX” several years ago. Until then, I had no idea that such a thing even exists.

Then it followed hunting all possible information about everything connected with forex, markets and trading on various web sites, discuss forums and in various books.

I checked out all the stages, which probably every trader must go through to finally stayed with the simplest and most basic – a simple plain vanilla chart without any indicators.

After many years, I discovered that less is more in trading and that in trading work simple things like trendlines, simple lines like support and resistance and simple charts without indicators – just price action.

Now I only trade the major currency pairs on the daily charts.

I only use supports, resistance and 2 simple moving averages.

After many years of trying nearly everything, I discovered that this is all you need for successfull trading.

And after many years of reading, studying, testing and demo trading I finally trade Forex full-time.

On this website I would like to help new traders, share my experience and I want to build a community around Forex trading because Forex trading is simly my passion and I would like to speak about it with other traders.

If you want to ask me something, you can write me at info@tradeforexlikepro.com or in the comments below.

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