Forex commentary – 26th February 2015


14 days ago it was created nice PIN bar on the daily GBP/JPY chart. I bought this pair around 182.50. Last Friday it was created nice false break. Moreover it transformed to PIN bar, so on Monday I added next position. Both trades are working very well. I anticipate that price will go somewhere around 187.70.



Similar situation like on GBP/JPY. On Friday it was created nice false break simultaneously with PIN bar so on Monday I bought EUR/JPY. This trade is also working well. Furthermore it is in mutual correlation with GBP/JPY.



PIN bar which was created 3 weeks ago is also working very well. I anticipate that price will go somewhere to 0.8030.



On Tuesday I wrote here that I´m waiting for BUY signal around 0.7440 – 0.7400. It was created a nice PIN bar there and now it is high probability that price will go up somewhere to 0.7660.



Last week they were several opportunities to short eurodollar. I took advantage of it. After price break under 1.1270 (short-term support) it has potential to go somewhere to support around 1.1100.

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